Are you currently taking a wild guess at your Net Operating Income (NOI) month to month or quarter to quarter? If so, it’s time to really keep up with your profit & loss statement and understand what all of the data means. I’ve broken it down for you below!
Steadfast Bookkeeping Co. Understanding your Profit & Loss Statement Bookkeeping Basics Bookkeeping for Creatives Business Tips Expenses Income Tracking  small business savvy business owner entrepreneur creativepreneuer creative small business creative business owners creative business business tips business advice budget tips bookkeeping for creatives bookkeeping   Wouldn’t it be a dream to have this calculated for you and reported monthly? With our “All Aboard” service, we handle all of the bookkeeping month in and month out for you ensuring all transactions are recorded and categorized appropriately, we track income and expenses so you know where your money is coming from and where it is going, we track and file your sales tax and we provide you with a report showing you how your business is doing each month. Reach out with any questions regarding your Profit & Loss statement!