Our Story

When we say “our story”, we literally mean ours, like mine + yours = ours. Why? Well, we have a feeling we have similar stories, ones that involve a passion, a calling and a reality. Go ahead, read about it and see what you think. If you can relate, GREAT! I bet we’ll work really well together.

Steadfast Bookkeeping Co. Our Story

The Passion

We’re risk takers. In 2011, our founder, Stephanie started Steadfast based on a passion to help small business owners. After working in the corporate world for many many years, she knew there was more out there for her. Pair that with the knowledge that there was a need out there for bookkeeping to be offered to small business owners without the commitment of a full or even part time employee and the passion just continued to grow and grow. When you’re passionate about something you can’t make it go away, it usually gets stronger over time.

mine + yours = ours

You are a risk taker. You started your business based on a passion. A passion to fill a need, a passion to use your skills to make others happy, a passion to provide families with lasting memories or maybe even a passion to prove to yourself that you can do hard things! Just like Stephanie, your passion grew stronger over time and continues to grow as time goes by.

The Calling

Stephanie worked for large corporations but that wasn’t enough. Entrepreneurship runs in her family so it’s just in her blood. After awhile the passion to use her skills, knowledge and education to serve other small business owners turned into a calling. A calling to relieve the business owner from the stresses and intimidation of bookkeeping. After research, budgeting and a lot of planning, she quit that 9-5 job and officially started Steadfast.

mine + yours = ours

Maybe you worked for a large corporation and dreamed of the day you could walk away from that cubicle and never return, maybe that’s still your dream and you’re hustling hard right now to make that a reality. Maybe you are chasing a lifelong dream of becoming your own boss or maybe you have entrepreneurship in your blood too and you just can’t stop dreaming and doing.

Steadfast Bookkeeping Co. Our Story
Steadfast Bookkeeping Co. Our Story

The Reality

Ok, not so quick. We’re not huge Debbie Downers or anything but once you are in the midst of your business, reality sets in and the passion and calling haven’t gone anywhere, they are just harder to recognize on a daily basis. After starting Steadfast, Stephanie tried to do it all on her own and started to experience burn out. The late nights, long hours and frustration were starting to remind her of her old corporate jobs. It wasn’t the bookkeeping that was getting to her…no, she still loved that. It was the web design, the social media, the marketing, and then eventually the growth that led to so many clients there was a need for more bookkeepers. Reality set in. “I can’t so this all on my own….small business doesn’t have to be a one man show”. So, Steadfast grew and we now have a team of bookkeepers, an assistant, a Creative Director and a web designer. Trust me, this is not a one man show, we wouldn’t be serving you well if it was.

mine + yours = ours

So, here you are. Now. In the thick of it. You feel like you are responsible for “all the things”. You hustle hard, you work late nights, you dream about your next project but feel trapped because there is no time to act on those dreams. Or, maybe you’ve already started growing your team and realize that the bookkeeping just isn’t one of the things you should be handling. You want more time, you want peace of mind and ultimately you want to be able to keep a strong focus on your passion. We get it, and that’s why we are here.

The frustration of figuring out how to manage your books, the wondering if you’re profitable, the “icky” feeling you get when April 15th is right around the corner and the unrest you have about your finances is so common amongst creative business owners, so please know you are not alone.

The good news is….it doesn’t have to feel that way!

You’re not meant to do it all. Bottom line. You do what you do best, and let others handle the rest.

Learn more about what we can do for you and how you can have complete peace of mind about your finances.