Bottom line:

You’re not meant to do it all.

You do what you do best—let us do the rest.

How many late nights with a glass of wine have been spent balancing your finances instead of taking in the most-recent episode of insert-your-favorite-TV-drama-here?

How many conversations with your insert-your-financially-minded-family-member-here  have been covertly filled with business questions instead of talk about kids, hobbies, travels, you name it?

We know the drill,

you’re the business owner, so you wear all the hats.

You tackle the tasks that feel a bit outside your comfort zone, but you need to know they’re being done right, so you want to do them yourself … and then you call in reinforcements when you realize you’re in over your head. But, you know the big dreams, and you know that bringing in another employee just to handle the finances isn’t your top priority.


When you hire us, you basically add a whole finance department to your already too-legit-to-quit business. You get our brains, our experience, and our personalities to boot. We’re here for you, both in the numbers and in the trenches.

The biggest reward in our line of work

is seeing you succeed beyond your biggest dreams when you’re freed up from the burdensome tasks that weigh you down and tie you up … the tasks that don’t need to belong to you.

And, we know that success is sometimes in your business, and it’s sometimes just in getting your life back. (Hello children’s bedtime! Hello coffee dates with friends! Hello husband and wife TV time—yes, we’re all caught up on This is Us!)

It’s the little things that matter to us—whether tiny bits of money slipping away as they’re spent on things your business doesn’t need, or small bits of time that could’ve been spent brainstorming or investing in your team instead of crunching numbers and loving on your Excel spreadsheets.

We’re in this for you.  


“I would dread every year come tax time and ask myself “why am I self employed” Once I turned over my books to Steadfast, my anxiety was lifted, soon my books were organized, and I no longer dread tax time!”

J E N N   J E T T  //  Jenn Jett Creative & The Well Studio

“My favorite part of working with Steadfast was the quick response time in email communication; never having to wonder if work was done – they were always on top of everything!”

K A T  S C H M O Y E R // Owner of Dear Sweetheart Events & Creative @ Heart Conference

“You guys made QBO less scary and SO much more approachable. We didn’t know where to begin and now we feel confident going through our expenses, categorizing everything correctly, and knowing how to find and fix discrepancies. Having that peace of mind that everything is in order has been a game changer. Thank you!”

S C O U T  H O M E

“It has been a huge sigh of relief to know things are getting handled without me in the world of bookkeeping.”

J E N N I F E R  F E L D S T E I N  //  Owner of The Last Minute Bride

Our Team

A go-get-em vibe and a love of numbers brings together a group of a-little-bit nerdy, but totally relatable women, who want nothing more than to see you grow because your business was set up for success in a way that frees you up so you can tackle the tasks that really need you.

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Our Services

Our goals are pretty simple: we want you to be able to sail on smooth waters, knowing your finances are in trustworthy hands, and everything is being done the right way. We offer three packages from taking it off your hands, to holding your hands through it—whatever you need, we’re here for you.

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How can we help?

We love connecting with business owners just like you who are ready to take the next step for their success and balance. Got questions? Let us answer them!