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Remember, when you make this purchase you receive:

  • A full audit of your online sales for the previous and current year to determine economic  sales tax nexus ($500 Value)

  • A full audit of your online sales for the previous and current year to determine your physical presence sales tax nexus ($1,000 Value)

    • We’ll be analyzing employee and contractor presence, warehouse presence, FBA presence, inventory presence, affiliate presence and more!

  • Complete registration for sales tax licenses in up to 5 states ($375 value)

  • Detailed instruction on how to file for each state in which we register and the due dates for each of those states ($375 Value)

That’s a total value of $2,250!



Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to finish my analysis?

That depends on a few factors, actually. One of those factors is how quickly you make your purchase – we’ll be responding to everyone on a first come, first served basis. The second factor is how quickly you respond to us with the items needed to analyze your sales. Some other factors are how in depth your sales are, what platforms you currently use, whether or not you are collecting sales tax now and more.

How long will it take to get me registered in each state?

This is another question that rally depends on a few factors. If you get all of the required information to us quickly, we’ll register right away. In most cases, a state will mail your certificate/license directly to you within two weeks of the registration.

What if you find out I don’t need to be collecting sales tax in any state?

Good for you! However, if you are selling products online and making at least $3,000 per month doing that, that’s highly unlikely. You’ll at least need to be collecting in the state you are in and you might likely be very close to qualifying in another state. We’ll give you tips on how you can monitor your sales and know when you might reach a threshold in another state.

What if you find that I need to register in more than the 5 states that are included?

No problem! Before we even start registering for you, we’ll let you know how many you qualify for. The cost for each additional state over the 5 included will be $75 per state.

Can we just register in all 50 states now so I’ll be covered and not have to worry about this?

We don’t recommend that. First of all, there are only 45 states that collect sales tax so that wipes out 5 right there! Secondly, there is no reason to collect and remit sales tax in states that you do not have nexus in yet. It’s not only charging your customer’s unnecessarily but it will cost you money to keep it up so it’s not budget friendly at all for your business.

I’m located outside of the United States, can I still purchase this service?

No, unfortunately this service is only for online retailers located in the United States.

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