Escaping the Bank Balance Barry Trap: Mastering Cash Flow Management



August 15, 2023

Hey there, business owners! Ever heard of Bank Balance Barry? No offense to any Barry’s out there, but this term refers to the habit of relying solely on your bank account balance to gauge your business’s financial health. Picture this: a high balance equals business greatness, while a low balance spells disaster. It sounds simple, right? Well, let’s dive into why this approach might not be the best strategy for your business, and how you can break free from the Bank Balance Barry mindset.

The Illusion of Bank Balance Accounting: Using your bank balance as the sole barometer of your business’s success is like judging a book by its cover. Sure, a healthy balance might lift your spirits, but it doesn’t provide the full story of your business’s financial well-being. Here’s the catch: an impressive bank balance doesn’t necessarily mean smooth sailing. In fact, a whopping 82% of businesses hit rough waters and sink due to cash flow problems, not a lack of profitability.

Profit ≠ Cash Flow: Imagine this scenario: your profit statement shows a net profit (along with the taxes you’ll have to pay on that profit), but your bank account is gasping for air. How is that possible? Well, profits on paper don’t always translate to cash in your pocket. You might be winning on paper but struggling to keep up with bills, payroll, and other financial obligations. It’s like having a mouthwatering recipe but missing some crucial ingredients.

Steering Clear of Bank Balance Barry: Now, let’s shift gears from Bank Balance Barry to the realm of savvy cash flow management. Here are a couple of practical steps you can take to gain a deeper understanding of your business’s cash position:

Dive into the Cash Currents: Take a close look at your cash income and expenses over the past 6-9 months. Focus solely on the cash flowing in from revenue and the cash flowing out to cover business expenses. We’re excluding loans or credit card transactions for now. This is where the real financial heartbeat of your business lies.

Uncover Hidden Cash Flows: Dig deeper into your financial landscape. Identify the cash outflows dedicated to covering loans, credit card payments, asset/inventory purchases, and owner draws/distributions. These insights help you see where your hard-earned money is really going.

Timing Is Everything: When does the cash come pouring in, and when does it bid a swift farewell? Observe the timing of cash inflows and outflows. Is it at the beginning, middle, or end of the month? Understanding this rhythm can unveil valuable patterns in your business’s cash flow.

Mapping Your Cash Journey: Armed with this information, create a cash flow map for your business. Predict how much cash you can expect to flow in and out each month and on what schedule. This roadmap allows you to anticipate financial peaks and valleys and make informed decisions accordingly.

The Power of Planning: Your newfound insights empower you to assess your business’s financial stability. Do you have enough cash to cover current obligations? Are there areas where you can trim expenses or boost revenue? Moreover, you’ll gain clarity on your ability to fund future endeavors or expansions.

Bid farewell to the Bank Balance Barry mentality and embrace the art of cash flow management. While a lofty bank balance might provide a momentary thrill, a solid understanding of your business’s cash position is the key to long-term success. Remember, profits are just part of the equation; it’s the cash flow that keeps your business afloat. So, gear up, analyze those cash currents, and chart your course towards financial resilience. Your business’s future will thank you for it!

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