The Money Mindset You Need to Scale your Business



April 28, 2021

The number one takeaway I have learned from successful business owners is that you need to have a good money mindset.  The level of success we can achieve will always boil down to what’s happening inside of our own minds. 

This means that what you believe and think about money is playing into your business decisions and may be holding you back.

The greatest part of this is that you have 100% control over your money mindset. You can decide how you want to think about money.  And instead of feeding your mind negative thoughts, you can fill it with thoughts that will help you grow your business instead.  

Get ready to shift your mindset and improve what you think about money.  Be open to the idea that you control your thoughts.  And start to make the shift so that you can ultimately achieve financial success.

Money Mindset is a Struggle for Business Owners

Many business owners, of all different sizes, have a hard time getting their mindset around money in the right place.  Let’s face it, most adults have grown up in environments where our parents believed money was scarce and you had to trade your time for money.

But the world today has expanded.  And it’s time to update our thoughts about money.

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Examining Your Money Mindset

How do you feel about money right now? Are you constantly worried you don’t have enough? Are you staying up at night thinking about ways to make more? Do you see it as a tool or a goal? 

What you may not realize is that our experiences with money from even a very young age start to create a framework for how we think and deal with money. How your parents handled money or talked about money impacts you. 

To start changing your mindset, you need to spend some time thinking about where your mindset is at right now.

Limit Your Negative Thoughts About Money

If you have negative thoughts about money constantly, you’re not going to be able to achieve financial success.

The most common self-talk about money is: 

  • It will either never be enough
  • Feels too easy to make
  • Feels too hard to make


Whatever yours is, you’ll never achieve success because your money mindset isn’t right. I call these mindset traps. You want to start shifting your mindset towards positive thoughts. 

  • I can make this money
  • I can sell this product
  • I can retire early, etc. 


Stop thinking you’ll never get there, stop thinking you don’t have enough, and start changing your mindset.  Be thankful for what you have and start working to achieve financial success.

Most millionaires will tell you that they achieved “millionaire status” because they believed they could.

Changing Your Money Mindset Is Possible

Know that wherever you are in business, you can change and make progress for the better today. 

Don’t let mindset hold you back. Whether you’re brand new and think you’re too small to follow money tips, or to build a budget – NO! That’s a mindset trap. 

If you’ve been in business a few years and you’ve let your finances go to the wayside, you may think, I’ve already messed this up too much or I’m too far gone, it would be embarrassing to have someone help me with this – mindset trap! SHUT IT DOWN! It’s just not true. 

Shift your mindset, start doing the hard work so you can achieve financial success!

Know Your Worth

Don’t let the mindset trap of “I’m not good enough, big enough, or well known enough” determine what you charge. That’s a dangerous mindset trap because you’ll never make money charging what your negative thoughts tell you to charge. 

And, why would you start a business if it wasn’t to make money? I’m pretty sure most business owners start their business to gain financial freedom not get stuck in a hamster shell of working overtime for free or next to nothing! 

Know your worth and make paying yourself a PRIORITY!

Take Action

At the end of the day, I hope you realize that you can’t achieve financial success in your personal finances or your business with a bad mindset. 

Thoughts like “I can’t do this”, I’ll never get where I need to”, I’m not good enough…are mindset traps that aren’t good for you! 

It’s time to master your mindset as the first step in your course to financial success. 

Remember, you are not in this alone. There are plenty of other business owners just like you looking to achieve financial success. Find your community plus a ton of free resources inside our community group – just visit to join for free.

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