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April 7, 2021

As your business grows you may plan to hire employees. Or, if you’re an S or C Corp, then you’re required to pay yourself like an employee.  Whatever the case, you will need a good payroll software for small business.

The payroll options out there can be overwhelming. There are truly so many choices.  But for the last few years, I’ve been consistently happy and even *impressed* with one. 

That’s Gusto

Let me share my experience and how easy it is to manage payroll with Gusto.

Why You Need a Payroll Software for Small Business

If you have employees, using good payroll software to help do ALL THE THINGS is a must! Running payroll manually means doing all the calculations, filling out all the forms, writing all the checks, and filing all the things.  

It’s not efficient and it’s not a good use of your time. 

Gone are the days of handwritten payroll checks.  It’s not scalable for your growing business.  Not to mention the risk of mistakes or missing filing deadlines.

So, when you have to do payroll, you’re going to need to use a payroll software for small business.

Introducing Gusto Payroll Software for Small Business

In almost 20 years working in accounting, I’ve used A LOT of payroll companies. These days, it’s really easy to use online payroll software.  But there are SO MANY CHOICES, the decision on the best one for you can be hard.

Currently, here at Steadfast, we’re working with clients using many different payroll companies and software.  We really get to experience a lot of them hands-on. So let me share some insights with you.

Over the last few years, Gusto has been the one payroll software that has consistently impressed me the most.  I want to share why and hopefully it helps you in making a decision on your small business payroll software. 

Plus, they’re so awesome that they gave me a special link to share with you.  When you sign up using this link, they’ll send you a $100 VISA gift card after you run your first payroll! 

My clients tell me all the time that they got the “you’ve received a gift card” email.  And they think, “Gusto made payroll so easy, I should send them a gift card instead!” 

How Gusto Makes Small Business Payroll Software So Simple

Gusto is really not just payroll software. They do SO MUCH. Which is my first reason why I love them. 

Gusto can:

  • Onboard new employees to direct deposit
  • Put your payroll on autopilot
  • Handle insurance and other benefits
  • Track timesheets
  • Offer HR Support

If you’ve hired employees before, you know that the onboarding process can be quite tedious. There are SO MANY forms to fill out and you have to make sure you have the most updated version of those forms.  Then you have to figure out a secure way to keep all of this information somewhere. 

Making New Hire Onboarding a Breeze

With Gusto, you can send an offer letter directly from the software.  The new employee accepts it and signs online.  You can create a checklist of all of the onboarding tasks that need to be done.  Gusto will send your new employee a link to practically onboard themselves. 

This is exactly what we do here at Steadfast. The self onboarding is amazing because you just enter the employee’s name and email address.  Then Gusto takes care of the rest.

Gusto emails them and guides them through the onboarding checklist. The employee is able to enter all of their information safe and securely online.  It’s stored there so you don’t have to worry about keeping additional files of anything. 

And, if you have custom documents you want your employees to fill out or sign.  Such as a non-disclosure, background check agreement, or similar, you can upload those as well.  Gusto will make sure the employee fills it out and signs. 

Sounds amazing right?

What Else Can This Small Business Payroll Software Do?

Once the employee is onboarded, next comes the actual payroll. 

Gusto makes your weekly or bi-weekly payroll so easy! With just a few clicks, you can run a complete payroll and schedule the direct deposit. 

Gusto will make sure that all of your payroll taxes are filed and paid ON TIME! No calculating on your end, no wondering or stressing about due dates, and no filling out forms manually and mailing in a payment.  

How Often Do You Want To Run Payroll?

With Gusto, how often you run your payroll is completely up to you.  And the price doesn’t change. Their pricing is very upfront and clear.  You can run unlimited payrolls at one great price.

Many other payroll software for small business programs charge you by the payroll run.  This impacts your decision on how frequently your employees are paid.  What should be driving this decision is your financial reports and your time.

When you’re starting out and can’t offer many benefits to your employees, weekly payroll can be a selling point when hiring.  Gusto’s pricing allows you to do that.

Another way Gusto makes your small business payroll software a breeze is by giving employees their own portal.  They can log in at any time and access pay stubs, make updates, and download and other documents they might need.

Small Business Payroll Software That Offers Benefits

If you’re looking to provide benefits to your employees, you can set that up right through Gusto!

They offer medical, health, dental, vision, HSA, FSA – all of that and it’s super easy to get quotes.  Once you made your selections it all syncs to your payroll.  Each employee’s benefits are tied to their accounts.  Their contributions and deductions are automatically calculated and taken care of for you in each and every payroll.

Lastly, if you sign up for the Concierge plan, Gusto provides HR experts at your disposal! Saving you the cost of having an HR expert on your team.  I’d say that would probably cost about 10x what Gusto charges. 

With this service, they’ll help you with compliance, answer all of your burning legal questions regarding employment, and they have a huge library of resources that you can access anytime and anywhere! This has come in so handy for me and it’s definitely something I recommend if you’re growing a team.

I Could Go On…This Payroll Software is That Impressive

I know there’s a long list of other things that Gusto offers that I didn’t go into detail about.

Such as…

  • time tracking, 
  • 401k, 
  • debit cards for employees 
  • and so much more.

But I’ll stop here and let you check it out for yourself. 

Click Here to read all about it and give it a try. And, don’t forget that by using my special link, you’ll receive a $100 visa gift card after running your first payroll. 

So…go ahead and treat yourself!!

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