What’s Your Story? Featuring Trena Little



March 9, 2020

Running a small business is not for the faint at heart. Who can agree with me that running a small business is like being on a never-ending rollercoaster ride? One minute you’re cruising at a level pace, the next you’re at the highest of highs and then all of a sudden something happens and you feel like you are falling fast. Please tell me that it’s not just me that feels that way. Now, I know some times are better than others and it’s great when we get to a point where we are cruising at that level pace for a long time but even if your business is doing great you know that at any time things could change and even the little hiccups sometimes feel like you are crashing to the bottom. The thing is though, we stick with it, right? There has to be a reason behind the long hours, the stress, the decisions, the learning curve, the growing pains, and all the other craziness that small business owners endure. If it was just all about the money, it wouldn’t be worth it – we could go work for someone else and make a decent living, right? So, what is it? What’s your biz story? What is your why? 


I thought it would be fun to share my “why” as well as a few other awesome small business owners that have an amazing “why” as well. If you missed my story, check it out here. Today, I’m super excited to introduce Trena Little to you as she shares her story.


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What do you do?

“I am a youtube strategist and I really want to give women the confidence to show up on video on Youtube.”


What motivated you to start your business?

“The main reason I was motivated to start my business actually started way back 5 years ago when I got the idea in my mind when I was pregnant with my daughter. I hated my job, I just hated what I did every day and I didn’t want her growing up to think that it was normal to hate what you did and that you couldn’t find a passion or something that you loved doing every single day. And not having this work that was a negative connotation but more of something fun that you got to do every day.”


How does your business look different today than when it first started?

“My business is totally different than when I got started! When I first started I had first of all one kid, now I have two under the age of 5. I also have a team. I have two people that are working with me consistently throughout the week to help me get things done. And I have a glimpse of some systems and processes, which when I got started I was just doing all of the things by myself. While I got through, it was difficult, but it’s totally manageable. But where I’m at now has just taken a lot of learning curve, making a lot of mistakes, falling flat on my face and getting up, learning from them and adjusting moving forward.”


What is the hardest part of running your small business?

“The hardest part of really running my business is doing it alone. I sit most of my days here in this office in my home and I don’t get a lot of connection in the outside world. So really the hardest part is finding that connection and being alone most days.”


What motivates you to keep your business going even when it gets tough?

“The thing that motivates me the most about my business is seeing clients or students really have their ‘AH-HA’ moment when it comes to video. When they’re excited to finally put a video out or when they message me and tell me ‘look how well this video is going.’ When they send me screenshots of performances of their videos or how this video got them a brand new lead. That is honestly what keeps me going, what keeps some of those late nights and those times when I want to rip my hair out, that is definitely what keeps me going.”


What is one piece of advice you’d give a new business owner?

“The one piece of advice I’d give to a brand new business owner is that it is tough, but you have to keep going. Learn from any mistakes that you make, accept those mistakes, and the biggest thing that I wish I would have done is let more of me come out. I was so worried about being looked at as ‘is she professional enough’ and I really hid a lot of my personality. And so, be yourself, people are going to connect with you. I like to tell people, ‘Let your freak flag fly.’ But really, if you are just getting started out, let more of your personality shine through so people can connect with you and realize that is EXACTLY who I want to work with.”


If you would like to learn more about Trena and what she does, check out her cute website here!

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