Christmas is a Great Time to Promote Your Online Apparel Shop



December 9, 2019


If you’re a small business owner of an online apparel and/or accessories shop then this is for you! Whether you are selling on Etsy, Shopify (or some other eCommerce platform), Amazon, Jane, Zulily or something similar, the Christmas season is a great time to promote your products. Not only are people shopping for gifts during this time but a lot of people are shopping for themselves or their family because of an increase in events or gatherings they are going to. From family photos to holiday parties or even family vacations – it’s a great time of year to get your apparel and accessories in front of a larger crowd. Below are just a few of our suggestions to increase traffic to your website and hopefully drive up sales.


  1. Be active on social media. Hashtag searching is becoming quite a popular way to shop online. Hashtags like #christmastees are great if you sell apparel or accessories that have Christmas designs. Using a hashtag like #familyphotoshoot could catch the eye of someone looking for ideas for matching family outfits and maybe they see that your sweater would be the perfect staple item. If you are selling items that would make good gifts, use the hashtag #christmasgiftideas for those that need a little motivation to find the perfect gift. Social media is also a great place to provide free content that would be useful to your ideal customer. If you’re selling travel gear, try posting and using hashtags related to travel tips, packing tips or ways to save money while traveling. Every post doesn’t have to be all about your products or making a sale – people will engage more if they see you are knowledgeable and engaged in the same community you are selling to.
  2. Host or participate in a giveaway. This one can get a little out of hand so you do have to be cautious but a giveaway is a great way to reach potential customers. If you are hosting the giveaway, maybe you could invite a few other shops to participate so the giveaway prize is more appealing to those who might enter. Using social media is a great way to advertise and manage the giveaway. Just don’t jump on board with too many giveaways and don’t make the prize more than it’s worth. You don’t want to get in a situation where you spend a lot of money or give away a lot of product and don’t end up with any potential customers. 
  3. Engage with your email subscribers in a unique way. We all know that our inboxes fill up very quickly around the holidays. Every other email is “buy this”, “save 50% on that” and it’s just too much. Sales are great and trust me, I’ve clicked on many an email that advertised a sale and I ended up purchasing because the sale was so enticing. What if your email was unique and different from all of the other emails though? What if your email showed how your products can be used in a unique way or what if you told a story about how your Christmas tee shirt with a fun design can be used as an ice breaker or way to open discussion at these awkward holiday parties we all have to attend? That is something different from the average sale email but it still engages with the customer and reminds them why they’re on your email list in the first place. 
  4. Wear your own products. Anytime you are out and about, try to wear one of your own items. You never know when someone might compliment you and ask where you got your (insert your product here) and you’ll be able to tell them you designed it or it’s from your online shop and they can easily purchase their own. Wearing your clothes or accessories is literally a free, walking advertisement!


Christmas is a big time of year and there is no doubt that consumers are purchasing more and willing to try new shops in order to receive the items they need. Don’t be scared to put yourself out there in a unique way – get out there and make a sale!


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