5 Thoughtful (and Useful) Gifts to Give to Clients



December 15, 2017

You’re the brains of your business.

And your clients are the heart. Without them, you wouldn’t be able to live a creative life while pumping funds into your bank account.

The holiday season is a great time to show gratitude and appreciation to your clients. During the year, it’s easy to get caught up in the grit-and-grind of work. You shoot off emails faster than Annie Oakley. And, sometimes, your client calls consist of:

“You got it?” “I got it.”

“You good?” “I’m good.”

Short and sweet does get the job done, though.

When you give to your clients, you redirect the focus back on the relationship — not just the work. But the perfect gift, one that feels like your brand but is useful too, can seem elusive.

For us, we like to get to know our clients a little bit. Sometimes, we surprise them with their favorite candy or a gift card to a clothing store or coffee shop.

We also use The Welcoming District to send fun, pretty branded gifts. But, at the same time, they’re useful and fun for the client.

Before you send a gift, consider if you’d enjoy receiving that gift before you send it.

If you’d be tempted to add yet another branded pen to the garage sale pile, then the person you’re sending it to probably feels the same way.

Giving from the heart is what matters. Even if it’s just a small token, show your clients you care, and it’ll go a long way.

Here are a few more professional yet thoughtful gifts you can give to clients:

A Handwritten Note (that you didn’t have to write) $5

If you have several clients or a small budget, Bond: Handwritten Notes is an affordable (quick) way to make a personal impression. There are different pricing levels, but the Casual level is $5 per note. You create your stationery or choose from one of their designs. Then, you add a message. After selecting a handwriting style, you schedule the delivery and Bond handles the rest!

A Vibrantly Colored Wine or Whiskey Glass $21

We love these ceramic cups from FunctionPottery. They come in a bright red color called poppy red. Or a muted orange called golden rod. Who doesn’t appreciate a functional gift that’s handcrafted and can keep your wine from spilling?

A Curated (Yet Affordable) Curated Gift Box $32

While The Welcoming District is our go-to for curated gift boxes, we understand you might not have time to wait on a customized box. So, an alternative is Box Fox, which can make the process of gift-giving effortless yet refined. The THANKS box comes with two sleek pens, a pocket notebook, and a gardenia candle — all packaged in a box your client will love to keep.

A Subscription to Audible for the Avid Reader $45

If you’re in a crunch to give, why not send a digital subscription to your client? If they’re as hardworking as you, they probably love to read but rarely have the time. Gift an Audible Subscription so your client can listen to their favorite books while on the go.

A Practical Gift Set for the Girl Boss in Your Life $55

The 2018 Powersheets One-Year Intentional Goal Planner is perfect for the client who loves to plan ahead and stay on task. The design is vibrant and colorful — to brighten anyone’s day. And the three-part planner will help your client set goals and create an action plan to keep them. Plus, it comes with two full pages of stickers!

And here are some other great products that we love and use and we think they would make the best gifts.

Illustrated Prints of Their Home State

A Touch of Feminine with Abstract Canvas Prints

An Embroidery Kit for Someone Who Likes to Be Crafty

A Sweet Treat You Can’t Resist

These are just a few options to get your gift-giving juices flowing. Do you have any suggestions to add to the list? Share with other readers in our comment section below!

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