Checking in on 2017 Goals



February 23, 2017

Before the new year, I shared some tips on how to identify & achieve your goals for 2017. Now that we’re near 2 months in, I wanted to touch base and see how your resolutions are going! My suggestions for goal ideas were developing a budget, refining your bookkeeping system, and addressing any issues or challenges in your schedule. Did you choose to try one of these? If not, did you aim for any other resolutions?

Regardless of your goal(s) for 2017, here are a few tips on how to check in with yourself and evaluate how far you’ve gotten to achieving these, or if you need to adjust your aim.

  1. Start positively – list three accomplishments you have made happen so far this year, even if they are not 100% complete yet. Taking the first step is the biggest step so take a moment to acknowledge that you’ve begun addressing certain issues or that you’ve taken initiative.
  2. Identify any barriers to achieving your goals & be completely honest with yourself. Is it that you’ve been procrastinating? Are you lacking time? Are you disinterested or unmotivated when it comes to a specific objective? If you can identify what is standing in your way, you can identify what you need to do to move forward or move away from that specific target.
  3. Readdress the SMART theory. Were your goals specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely? If you’re missing one of these requirements, is it because you’re not sure how to implement that element of the theory or is it because your goal itself needs to be refined?
  4. Tell someone else. If you’re feeling like you haven’t made enough progress toward your objective, tell a friend or business acquaintance. It’s easier to stay motivated when your goal is somewhat public. Anyone who supports you will be able to remind you of why you started & keep you on track.
  5. Push pause. If you need more time to commit to a goal, write it down somewhere visible but decide to halt working on it until you’re fully committed. Come back to it in one month and make a specific plan to accomplish it or abandon it for a more important objective.

I would love to hear more about your progress so far in 2017! Leave a comment here or pop over to instagram & let me know, goal digger!

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