2016 Steadfast Bookkeeping Highlights!



December 28, 2016

2016 has been a really special year for Steadfast Bookkeeping! I have our clients to thank for that, and I wanted to share some of our brightest moments and take a moment to share my gratitude. Here are three of my favorite things that 2016 ushered in.

  • We’ve grown! In 2016, I was able to hire 4 more team members to better serve our clients. You can learn more about them here. They are Jessica and Kara who are amazing bookkeepers, Monica who is our right-hand administrative assistant, and Jennifer who manages our blog, email marketing, and social media. Collaborating on behalf of our clients enables us to work better and faster. It truly is better together.
    The Steadfast Bookkeeping Team
  • We’ve served new clients in a variety of specialties! Our clients are wedding planners, photographers, artists, attorneys, counselors, professional organizers, floral designers, and more. It’s inspiring to work with so many creative spirits across a variety of industries. The thing they all have in common? They are small businesses that have chosen to focus on their craft and let us help with their bookkeeping. They’ve taken a leap that will help them sustain and grow their businesses with help from professionals. They’re also the most talented bunch I’ve ever seen & that’s not biased! Thank you, to each and every one of you, for trusting us this year.Recently, Jennifer from The Last Minute Bride emailed in and said “It has been a huge sigh of relief to know things are getting handled without me in the world of bookkeeping.”

    This is what we love to hear! Our mission is to ease the stress and make bookkeeping simple for you so when we’ve accomplished that, it makes us so happy!
  • I wrote an e-book! This was so much fun as it gave me the opportunity to really breakdown bookkeeping and help it make sense to those who are interested. Bringing clarity and easing stress surrounding managing your books is why I do what I do, and putting it all out there in this easy to digest format made me so happy. There’s also a super helpful checklist at the end. You can download it here.

sfbk_ebookLooking back on the year, what are some of your company’s highlights? Please share, we would absolutely love to hear! If you’re looking on some ways to boost your energy for 2017, check out our blog post on setting goals (& reaching them!). I can’t wait to see what lies ahead for 2017 & I would be so grateful if you would join us for the ride!

Happy Holidays to you & yours, and enjoy the rest of the year

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