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October 12, 2016

Ever wonder what life and business are like for an amazing, creative, and real wedding planner? In the second of our Steadfast Bookkeeping series, we’re chatting with Ashley Miller of Blush Event Company from Atlanta, GA about just that! Enjoy Ashley’s interview & if you’re a Steadfast Creative who would like to be featured, please reach out!

What is your craft and how did you get started?
I’m a wedding and marriage proposal planner. Blush Event Company was born from years of being the “go-to” force for organizing special events, including weddings and surprise proposals, for my friends and family. After becoming a Certified Event Planner, I knew I had found my calling! I consider myself blessed to have found my passion and my purpose.

What does your average day look like?
Each day is different but starts the same, coffee & prayer. As a wedding planner my work week is typically Thursday- Sunday for events. Weekdays are spent on back end operations (social media, blogging, timelines, etc) and client/vendor meetings.

Ashley Miller of Blush Event Company via Steadfast Bookkeeping
Do you recall a particular moment when you realized you absolutely had to start your own business?
Holding a degree in Business Administration and working as a Senior Property Manager in the corporate field for over 10 years started to get boring. I wanted to explore my creative side more. Planning social events and logistics have always been fun, but I wanted to learn more of running a business as a planner. I decided to take an event planning course and the rest was history. I joined an event planning association and got active in my local special events industry.

What’s the greatest challenge of being a small business owner? What is the biggest reward?
CHALLENGE: Wearing all the hats in the beginning & work/life balance. I’m sure every small business owners has or still is dealing with this.
REWARD: Playing a special part in the happiest moments in our client’s lives isn’t taken lightly. Yes, I still cry at EVERY wedding and marriage proposal! I’m honored to have my clients entrust in BEC and we strive to create an unforgettable client experience.

If you could save three hours a week by delegating a task, what would you delegate and what would you do with the extra time?
Social media and blogging. I’m more of a talker than typer lol. I would definitely read more books or listen to my fave podcasts.

Ashley Miller of Blush Event Company via Steadfast Bookkeeping, Bookkeeping for Creatives
When did you decide you needed a bookkeeper (hooray – that’s us!)? How has your business benefited from this service?
I decided I needed a bookkeeper when I stopped working my 9-5 job. I knew I wanted to have things in order on the business side and bookkeeping was the 1st on my list. Steadfast has been heaven-sent. You’ve set up my books, given me a tremendous amount of knowledge, and provided direction on how to stay on track with my bookkeeping.

What advice would you give your 21 year old self, regarding career goals?
Set goals, but have action steps for each. Have a clear map of how to get to the goal. For example, wanting to buy a car with cash. Ask yourself where the money will come from, how long to raise the money, who can assist you along the way, what can you afford, when do you want to achieve the goal? Ask yourself lots of questions to meet the goal and do it!

What are three things you can’t do business without?
Morning coffee and my Apple babies (MacBook and iPhone w/chargers)

Ashley Miller of Blush Event Company via Steadfast Bookkeeping, Bookkeeping for Creatives
If you could have lunch with any creative, who would it be?
Marcus Lemonis from The Profit. I admire his business model, how he shows respect to his employees (allowing them to have a voice), and encourages people focus on their strengths to shine; all while being profitable.

Thank you so much, Ashley! Make sure you follow Ashley and Blush Event Company on Instagram to see more of her beautiful weddings & proposals!

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