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August 25, 2016

One little fact about me that you might not know is that I love to save money!! I mean, do you expect any more from a numbers nerd like me? Seriously though, I love finding a good deal. I’m not talking about finding the cheapest of something (I’m a true believer in “you get what you pay for”), I’m not talking about deals and sales that you make you impulse buy something that you’ll forever regret. No, I’m talking about a good old-fashioned deal that leaves you feeling oh so good about your latest purchase.

I want to share 3 ways that I’ve been saving money (and time) that I think will be beneficial to you.

#1 – Um, hello!?! Did you know WalMart offers grocery pickup now? Ok, before I lose you because of the mention of Wally World…stick with me here. For years I’ve been driving past a WalMart that is literally minutes from my home and going about 10-15 minutes further to get to a Target for household items. I typically do my grocery shopping at Publix, Trader Joes or the like because I LOVE a good shopping experience and to be honest sometimes that trumps a better deal because some days I just can’t deal with all that comes with shopping inside a WalMart store. Let’s be honest, WalMart most of the time feels like an obligation rather than an enjoyable shopping experience, right? Well, not anymore. Now you can take advantage of their awesome deals without ever stepping foot in the store. Check out WalMart Grocery Pickup and see if your local store is offering this new service. PLUS, they are offering a great referral service so that each person you refer not only receives a $10 coupon for their first order, but you as the referrer also receives a $10 coupon for your next order. That’s a win win! Just use my link and start shopping to receive your $10 off and then don’t forget to start referring to others so you can keep on receiving those $10 coupons!

I had my first grocery pickup experience this past week and I must say it was AMAZING!! I was able to get all of the organic foods I usually get elsewhere plus some other household supplies like soap and cleaners and they brought it all out to my car, loaded it up for me and even gave me a cold bottled water and some snacks for the road. I was smiling so big the whole way home because 1) I had just saved money on groceries, 2) I was able to order the groceries in the car the night before on a long drive home and 3) I saved so much time which means more time with my family or working on things for my business. Seriously, go check it out now and tell me what you think!

Easy ways to save money by Steadfast Bookkeeping
#2 – Whenever I purchase something online, when I get to the checkout and see the “promo code” box sitting there empty, I do a quick google search for a promo code for that particular website. You never know, there might be a code out there just waiting for you to use and next thing you know you got free shipping or 10% off a purchase you were already planning to make. Retail Me Not is a great place to go and look for promo codes. I can’t even tell you how much money I’ve saved by utilizing codes I’ve found on their site. What’s better than scoring a deal on something you were already planning on buying? It never hurts to look for a promo code.

#3 – Get cash back for shopping using Ebates. When a friend of mine first told me about this late last year I’ll admit I was skeptical. She was telling me how she gets “big fat checks” for just doing her regular online shopping and I thought it sounded too good to be true but I went ahead and tried it and I have to say IT IS AWESOME!

Ebates via Steadfast Bookkeeping
Here’s how it works, you just go to and sign up for an account. Then, be sure to download the plugin for your browser whether it’s Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc. Also, download the app on your phone. Anytime you are shopping online, be sure to do it through an Ebates shopping trip and you’ll earn cash back. If you have the plugin, you just click on the icon and it will recognize what site you are on and will open a shopping trip for you. Or, you can go directly to and search for the store you want or the type of shopping you want to do. Each store has different cash back percentages and sometimes there are double days, bonus days and other fun stuff that will increase your cash back.

If you’re doing some mobile shopping you can just open the app and search for the store you want to shop at and it will re-direct you and you’ll start earning cash back. Plus, they’ve just started offering some in store shopping trips! How awesome is that? You just link your credit or debut card that you use to shop, add the store you’re going to shop at and watch the cash roll in! For instance, I hit up my local JCrew Factory store the other day and received 2% cash back!!

You can either receive your cash back checks via snail mail or through your Paypal account. I like getting them deposited to my paypal account personally.

Oh, and guess what? When I’m doing my WalMart Grocery Pickup I’m earning 1% cash back through ebates – DOUBLE WIN!!

So there you go, that’s 3 fun ways I’ve been saving time and money and I hope you find them to be useful for you as well.

If you try them out, let me know how it works for you!


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