Top 7 Apps Every Creative Needs



July 13, 2016

Everyone is running around chasing pokemon and snapchatting their brunches, so before you download another app, consider one that will make your business a smidge more efficient! Here are my favorite, easy to use applications that simplify day-to-day workflow.


  1. Quickbooks Online – Perfect for bookkeeping on the go, Quickbooks can be used on your iPad, phone or desktop to do invoicing, billing, run reports, or pay employees online. Plans start at just $10 a month which is a steal for the peace of mind of having up to the minute accurate books. 
  2. Deputy – Save yourself emails back and forth by scheduling your employees through Deputy. Deputy is totally mobile, so you can manage schedules, payroll, timesheets, and even assign tasks to your team.  
  3. Expensify – Self proclaimed expense reports that don’t suck! This easy to use app will prevent your employees from forgetting to submit their monthly expense report or losing their receipts (we’ve all been there).  
  4. Google Drive – A spot for all your files. This is a personal favorite, as it’s free or really affordable and you can access photos, documents, folders, and spreadsheets from anywhere. It’s also easy to share files and collaborate on documents with your teammates or clients.  
  5. Buffer – An easier to way to push post & watch those likes and shares roll in! Buffer allows you to schedule, publish, and track your posts on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Instagram is missing, but this app is still an excellent way to make posting more efficient and increase traffic.  
  6. Mile IQ – This intuitive app works in the background to track your mileage. When you stop driving, you can swipe either left or right for personal or business to easily track your trips. A huge time saver when it comes time to deduct mileage on your taxes!  
  7. Slack –  My favorite messaging app! Slack lets you join groups, message one on one, drag and drop files relevant to your conversation, and send little gifs back and forth*. You can also search your chats for topics or files. *Sending gifs does not increase productivity at all, but it’s super fun 😉


Do you have any apps you swear by? I would love to check them out! In the meantime, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook, or Periscope. #ComeOnGetAppy!

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